Trudy Rice

Trudy Rice

International Artist

I have always loved being creative in some way. Whether it was making beaded jewellery in my younger years, handmade cards, wearing the creations of some of the most talented designers as a fashion model or creating artworks and designing - I couldn't imagine my life without creativity.

One of the surfaces I use in my work is paper. I love its tactile nature and the fact that it derives from the earth.

I work mainly using layers of monotype printing and solar plate etchings that help me capture the essence of the garden. I am drawn particularly to our magnificent, feathered friends, precious native animals, and native flowers that are, of course, found out in the bush or in the garden.

I like to think my works convey depth with visible brush strokes, open composition, and an understanding of the changing light. This is all inspired by nature around me.