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Looking to put the finishing touch on your favourite photo or treasured piece of art? Our custom framing service will help you elevate your imagery in 5 simple steps.

  • 1. Upload your photo or a picture of your artwork
  • 2. Select print size (Need another size? No worries. Have a read below!)
  • 3. Pick your preferred media (Learn more about our paper and canvas options below)
  • 4. Choose your frame style and colour (if required)
  • 5. Once that's all done, we'll check your file quality and print size, and get back to you with a quote.
1. Upload your image
2. Select size
3. Select paper/canvas type
What is the difference?
4. Select finishing
What is the difference?
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Can't see the size you're after?

We print to size, so there's no more worrying that your artwork won't fit the frame! We have the ability to print a range of different proportions, much larger than our standard sizes above. When you submit your file, simply tell us what size you're after in the notes section, and we'll do our best to make it happen. If your file is too large to add to this page, you can email it to us at

Why is framing your art or photography so important?

Not only does framing enhance your artwork, it also helps to protect it. If you're investing in a beautiful piece of art or want to keep cherished memories alive, choosing the right frame will help you show the work off and prolong its life.

How to choose the right frame?

A frame is an extension of your piece of art, so it should complement, not detract from it. Consider the piece you are framing and the space it will be displayed in, along with the aesthetic you like. If it's a contemporary piece, you might want to go for a modern frame. A classic? Perhaps something more timeless.

If you need any assistance to find the perfect look, our team is happy to help you find a frame you'll love.

We have hundreds of quality prints available

Image Vault prides itself on having the biggest range of New Zealand art and complimentary International prints that will appeal to a wide range of styles. We also create personalised collections for specific requests.