Nicola Reif

Nicola Reif

Nicola Reif.  MPANZ, IAPS-MC
"Nature at its finest"

Nicola is a self-taught pastel artist with a passion for nature. Her whole life has been spent in the company of animals & she have been drawing them since she was a small child. So, it seems only natural that they are her subject of choice.

Nicola has a background in Science with an MSc in Geology, specifically Paleontology (The study of fossils). Her grounding in science, especially biology & morphology, strongly influence her style, which is detailed yet artistic. 

Nicola likes to work in pastels as it allows precision, stunning clarity and depth of colour, along with the ability to render the lightness of feathers and the softness of fur. It is a medium that complements the subjects she chooses to paint perfectly. 

In a short space of time Nicola has achieved acclaim by becoming a Master Pastellist with both the Pastel Artists of New Zealand & the International Association of Pastel Societies.