Summer Palms

- Art Print

Carissa Yeoman
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For Watercolour, border prints:

Image A1:  84.1 x 59.4cm. Paper size: 96.5 x 71.5cm (6cm border)

Image A2: 59.4 x 42cm. Paper size: 70 x 52.5cm (5cm border)

Image A3: 42 x 29.7cm. Paper size: 50.5 x 37.5cm (4cm border)

Image A4: 29.7 x 21cm. Paper size: 36 x 27cm  (3cm border)   

White borders/paper size applies only on watercolour paper, framed in Contemporary Frame with glass.  

Box frame images printed on high quality satin print paper with no borders.

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Artist's Bio

Carissa Yeoman is a digital and mixed-media artist who lives in Taupo, New Zealand. Her work is often inspired by the natural world, mostly beaches, ocean, palms and sunshine. She loves creating colourful, happy art that makes you feel like you’re on a warm, sunny holiday!

Carissa was born and raised in Australia and has lived in NZ for 20 years with her husband and 2 girls. She has always been creative. Being a dancer her whole life, her creativity would always come out in her choreography, which was a huge part of her life. Carissa grew up surrounded by art, having her father as an artist. Art is her daily creative outlet, her happy place. 

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