Dale La Vueltas

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Jose Cacho
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International Artist

Jose Cacho is a Mexican painter born in 1959.

"In my recent work (2016-2020), I travel around the issues related to human condition, in particular the presence of women in the earth as a source of life, knowledge and harmony, as a factor of balance in society and as a perpetual transmitter of wisdomm and love.

Most of the references where ideas come from, are images found anywhere, mainly in newspapers, fashion magazines and advertisements, that I take and transform into a personal vision. The woman stands in reflective positions, observing peacefully around her, challenging the spectator to enter the work to accompany her in an area full of symbolisms that are represented both in the image itself and in textures, colors, transparencies and brightness that make it up.

In many of the paintings, texts written by myself are transferred to the surface of the work using a relief technique, creating at the same time a rich visual texture and an intricate mixture of expressions that invite the viewer to come closer to realize that, although there it is, he needs to make a great effort to read and understand it, making reference to the complexity of human nature, to the constant challenge of understanding ourselves and those around us. The text is integrated to the images and the substrate creating the absolute and indivisible unit as is human nature in its layers integrated by matter and energy.

The profuse use of diverse materials such as inks, paints and acrylic media, charcoal, pastels, collage and alcohol emulsion transfers, added to the presence of thousands of tiny mosaics, inspired in Gustav Klimt´s technique, and mostly designed by myself, provide a sophisticated and enigmatic visual aspect, these mosaics represent the complexity and integration of the thoughts and feelings that permanently approach us; In contrast, the passive areas of the work allude to the moments of reflection and tranquility needed to achieve balance in everyday life."


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