Pinstripe Hero Tiki (Sale) by Otis Frizzell

Pinstripe Hero Tiki (Sale)

By Otis Frizzell

Otis Frizzell is one of New Zealand's best known graffiti artists. As well as being one half of 90's Hip Hop duo, MCOJ & Rhythm Slave, his career includes the award winning television series 'Mo Show' and over ten years of radio broadcasting and working as a tattooist in Auckland. Since 2000 he has successfully made the transition from street art to gallery walls and continues to produce relevant, pop influenced images with a kiwi twist.

In keeping with his penchant for combining styles and eras, Otis' Pinstripe Tiki series brings a classic American, 50's custom car aesthetic to traditional Maori art forms. Recently, Otis and his wife Sarah launched food truck and Mexican food brand 'The Lucky Taco'.

When he isn't on the grill serving up the best tacos in the country, he's collaborating with Mike Weston as 'Weston Frizzell', trying to figure out how to get an artwork in every home in Aotearoa.