Blue Figure by Matt Leniston

Blue Figure

By Matt Leniston

Matt comes from a large family of twelve many of whom are artistic and musical. He lived and painted in central Wellington from the age of 13 to 34 (1964 -1984). Prior to this, his grandfather often took him and his brothers and sisters into Wellington city from the Hutt Valley during the 1950s and 1960s. This was a rich experience of wharves, trams, hustle and bustle, beaches, botanic gardens - all that contrasted with the Hutt Valley. This is something that many Wellingtonians of Matt’s generation will know - the old and the new. He was blessed with parents who encouraged Matt and all his siblings to freely paint and draw. They educated Matt in the arts and history. Often, his family had framed prints on loan from the Hutt library on their walls.

Matt now lives in Nelson where he has spent half his life. He paint outdoors and has developed a passion for the natural beauty of Tasman and the surrounding districts. He is still connected to Wellington and is re-inspired by all that Wellington is. Many of his earlier drawings are a stepping off point for some of his current work. Hence, Matt’s current work covers a wide range including cityscapes and natural environments.