Mohanad Shuraideh

Mohanad Shuraideh

A Cannes Lions award winning artist, Mohanad Shuraideh aka Vertigo Artography is a New Zealand artist and photographer. With a degree in Art and Graphic design (honors) he started his career in advertising as an Art Director in 1998 and has his studio in Christchurch.

Mohanad creates his artistic collages using mixed media, his own photography and selected vintage imagery. His artistic outlet also includes experimental sculpture and urban design.

“Inspired by dada artists and the subsequent neo-dada pop art movement I am constantly experimenting with new methodologies to better express my ideas and give form to my inspiration. I get my ideas from everyday life, people’s behaviour and general social influences”

Mohanad’s work varies from being quirky, to thought provoking, fun, edgy, sinister or dark with a humorous twist.

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