John Maillard

John Maillard

Christchurch based artist John Maillard has photographed around the world for 30 years.

John has exhibited in galleries around New Zealand and the United Kingdom for over two decades. He has been a photojournalist and a commercial photographer in many countries from west Africa to San Francisco. He has specialised in documenting people and landscapes. For the past twelve years John has been studying New Zealand landscapes and in particular the culture of rural New Zealand, assembling a body of work which will reflect his love for this country.


"Photography is a part of mass media, used by many to be a status symbol, sign of wealth, coolness and one-upmanship. For John photography is a sense of peace, therapy. Photography tells a story, irrespective of the tools, be it film, salted paper, or digital technology or manipulation. The camera is irrelevant, only the image that it makes has any meaning."

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