Indigo Wise

Indigo Wise

When Indigo paints or draws it becomes like breathing to her and space and time have no value. She strives to breathe life into every finished piece of work. Her American Indian lineage is evident throughout her work, she also draws on this connection when creating.

Awarded Frank Davis Scholarship in 2015 for Diploma of Art and Creativity (Advanced)

Selected for the International Poster Design Competition Francisco Mantecon, in Spain in 2013

Winner Fresh Choice Nelson Folks Art Award 2013 (Wine Label)

Awarded Oriel Hoskin Scholarship 2012 for Diploma of Art and Creativity

It is important to Indigo that she is making a difference through her art, with the Falcon series she has partnered with the Marlborough Falcon Trust and money raised from her works helps these endangered birds. Indigo also contributes to Operation Restore Hope, and to Mercy Ships NZ.

Notecards Coming soon.