Vladimir Kysela

Vladimir Kysela

Part of our Internation Collection artist Vladimir Kysela has a unique way of looking at his photography. 

"Is there an adequate way to compare photography with painting? Is it a matter of selecting a topic, composition or the discovery of further tools in the post process? Just how to preserve technical tools without bringing about an empty form without content and without a story? Or is photography a distinct form of artistic creation to such a degree that there is no sense in making comparisons with painting?

I can't escape the feeling, however, that I would be misappropriating the strength and principles of photography if I wanted to imitate the techniques of painting. Photography is powerful in its own way. It is precisely that twinkling moment, that ringing, that point of fulfilment, which quickly fades away due to the changeable quality of the light and which the photographer tries to capture. A painter progressively layers and works on a painting in real time until he reaches the final form which fulfils his vision. A photographer, on the other hand ­– and this has been my own experience – constantly absorbs potential layers, contours and visions in a virtual sense, and the moment they become reality, attempts to capture them in an instant with a camera. The richer, livelier and more open a photographer's vision and experience in practice, the greater the chance of taking an interesting photo."

You can find out more about Vladimir Kysela on his website http://www.vladimirkysela.com/

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