Vito Guarino

Vito Guarino

Part of our Internation Collection artist Vito Guarino has had a long love affair with photography. 

"My first encounter with photography was at the age of 13 when a talented teacher introduced use to film development and printing. I was immediately intrigued by the images that magically materialized in chemicals in the darkroom. My first real encounter with photography, though, was in 1980 when I moved to Naples to study sculpture at the Academy of Fine Arts, and I discovered the work of Mimmo Jodice, who taught photography at the Academy at that time. I was struck, and ever since photography has stayed with me. In the same year my brother gave me his first camera, a Canon AV-1, with which I made my first steps in this fascinating and mysterious world. I still treasure that relic.

"... I like all kinds of photography that transmit strong emotions — portraits, reportage, landscapes and macros — I have a tendency to gravitate toward experimentation and creativity....

Just as many other photographers, I have experienced firsthand the historical transition from analog to digital. I have a great curiosity and interest in these new technologies, and I enjoy the freedom of expression that they provide. I am 56 years old, working as a CAD designer for a well-known shoe company in Switzerland. In my leisure time, which sadly never seems to be long enough, I devote myself to my great passions: photography and the mountains."

You can find out more about Vito on his website

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